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How to use this Wiki

How to edit a page

For most pages, you can just click the edit button in the upper right hand side. You're IP address will be stored so we can see who's editing what. If you like, you can create a account as well.

Editing pages are done via HTML. You can make text bold , insert links and insert links by placing * in front of the word.

How to create a page

To create a page, just search the name of the page you want to create in the upper search bar and click "Create page"

How to add a page to the menu

If you've created a new page, edit the main page and insert your link so other people can find it

How to insert images

You can insert images that are hosted externally just by including the link to the image:



Want to talk about something? Click the discussion tab on a page.


Email with suggestions


User rights