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Here are a few club favourite recipes, please add your own

Pizza in a pan

An ideal dish for when everyone assumed the hostel will have an oven, but it doesn't. Actually surprisingly tasty.


1 Frozen pizza, ideally completely thawed due to a barely-working excuse for a fridge

Cooking instructions


Slow cookers

Slow cookers are a great way to leave your food cooking while you're out hiking/climbing for the day. Ideally bring as many as possible to help ensure that the minimum of 10 slow cookers per club trip is met (this is enforced by Mountaineering Ireland). They have the added advantage of letting you know what your food would taste like overcooked, when you inevitably arrive back much later than you had planned. Leave it cooking in your room to add a pleasant smell and a thrilling risk of fire.


Vegan recipes

Banana in a wrap


1 Banana

1 Wrap

Cooking instructions

Remove all packaging from banana. Place onto wrap. Wrap up. Eat.

Serving suggestion

Serve with a side of bananas.

Wine pairing

We suggest to serve this dish with a vintage banana juice.