Navigation Training

For the last number of years, The Club has run it’s own navigation training evenings. The lectures are run every semester across two evenings and cover the following topics; map reading, compass use, weather, gear & emergencies.

The aim of the lectures is to teach new members how to navigate and walk safely in the hills.

Mountain Skills 2

The club organises ‘Mountain Skills 2’ training courses once or twice a year, with a professional instructor. This course will give you the skills to navigate with confidence on the hills, plan routes, and begin to consider group leadership.

For full information, please see here ( )

It’s expected that you would have done a number of hikes, and have some knowledge of map reading before taking this course.”

Contact the committee if you would be interested in this!

We’re always looking for members willing to become hike leaders, so if you’re interested, and hope to stick around the club for a while, make yourself known to us!

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Last modified: November 1, 2022