Start Hiking with Us!

We go hiking every Sunday during term time!

Our hiking destinations are usually amongst the mountains of Connemara and southern Mayo, visiting ranges such as The Maamturks, The Twelve Bens and Joyce’s Country.  The exact destination is decided on a week-by-week basis.

Regardless of where we go, our hikes rarely involve walking along trails or paths. Be prepared to tackle the ruggedness of Western Ireland head-on, which likely means muck, bog, rain and rough terrain. Exciting stuff.

On our way back, we always stop in the pub, most notably Keane’s of Maam. Here you can get yourself a hot chocolate, a pint, a toastie, or all of the above, to reward yourself for a fine day out in the hills.

Sounds great, how do I join a hike?

To hike with us; there are 3 requirements;

1. Read the Gear List!

Don’t be worried, you don’t need to go and buy heaps of fancy gear to come along with us.

The main essentials are a pair of hiking boots with ankle support, a rain coat, water and lunch.
Cotton clothing, rain ponchos, and any other footwear besides hiking boots are strictly forbidden. We mean it. You will not be allowed onto the bus.

Read through our full gear list here before you attend.

2. Medical Form

Before you attend, fill out the club medical form here.
This only needs to be filled out once per academic year.

3. Purchase a Ticket

Tickets cost €14, and go on sale on Wednesdays at 1pm.
To come on a hike, purchase a ticket from our webstore.

Every week, we hire a bus, which leaves from The Quadrangle at 9:30am sharp.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to allow for the checking of gear, tickets, and loading the bus.

We offer a loyalty scheme, where if you go on 5 hikes, you get the 6th free!
Email the committee if you are eligible for a free hike –

We generally organise the hike into 2-3 groups of differing paces each week. All hikes take the same amount of time, the only difference being speed. The ‘long’ hikes generally involve a limited  number of rest stops, with the ‘short’ hikes accommodating more frequent stops for a rest, a snack and photographs.

We often ask members to join the ‘short’ hike if it is their first time hiking- do not be offended!

The hikes are open to all club members – the three different levels provide something for everyone with a basic fitness, but again, you must have the required gear.

Click here for a gear list – please check this before coming to a club hike :

Hiking Gear List

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Last modified: September 8, 2023