The 47th Maamturks Challenge is scheduled to take place on Saturday April 6th 2024

Registration Details for the 2024 Maamturks Challenge

The 2024 Maamturks Challenge will take place on Saturday April 6th 2024.

Registration will open on Wednesday 14th February 2024 at 7pm and will be completed online. 250 Places will be available. We are continuing to use the Irish owned Tito website as our ticket platform. This is a similar site to EventBrite as we have used previously. Some further points about using Tito are available at the end of this page. You will be able to register up to 3 participants in one order for 2024. 

The price of entry for the 2024 event will be €50 per person. Tickets will be available from the following link from 7pm on Wednesday 14th February 2024:




Note that you may need to refresh the page at 7pm to see the tickets. Please also ensure  that you have opened the above link before 7pm, as too much traffic on this website (www.ugmc.ie/maamturks) may cause the website to become unavailable. Tito is hosted externally and can handle large loads.

There will be an option to join a waiting list once all tickets sell out. Payment for online registration is by any major Credit/Debit Card so please have one to hand when registering.

Please note, the registration on Tito will first ask you to pay for the tickets you are registering for. You will have 15 minutes to enter your card details and once payment has been completed, the tickets are secured as yours.

Please note with regard to the registration process this year:

You will then only be asked to confirm the names, email address and to accept a disclaimer at this point. Unlike in previous years, we will not be collecting full walker details at this early stage. All registered participants will be asked for the full set of details in the week before the event. Inputting your details at this stage will ensure we have details that are up to date, and you will not be required to confirm details at the event, and will only need to be assigned your walk number on the day before or day of the event. Further details on this process will be sent to all registered walkers and will be posted on the event website in the lead up to the event. This process is based off feedback provided from participants in the last number of years.  

There has been a big increase in interest in the event over the last number of years and thus we expect tickets to sell out quickly once again this year. We would like to remind those thinking of registering to please consider the walk requirements before signing up and taking a place. You must be able to navigate on your own and be prepared for all conditions including low visibility. Please refer to the general walk information and walk rules before signing up:

Please note that it will NOT be possible to register on the day of the event. Everyone must register in advance online. A check-in will be available for those who have registered.

Further Information on Using Tito (https://ti.to/) :

Tito (pronounced [tee-toh]) is an Irish event registration company that we are using this year for the Maamturks Challenge. Their focus is on a simple, yet very effective and customer friendly experience for registering for events and we hope that you will find it easy to use.

The rest of this page shows some screenshots which may help to get you familiar with the Tito interface before registration opens. The screenshots are from an older year but the process is the same:

  1. On the event page, walker registration will appear for 2024 (only from 7pm on 14th February). You should enter the desired ticket number (1, 2 or 3) and click the blue button “Register”

Warning, if you try and enter more than 3 in the quantity, a warning box will appear as follows:

You will have to press ok and re-enter a ticket, number. Then press “Register” again as per above.

The following window will then show in the center of your screen:

Once you this appears, the tickets will be locked for purchasing by anyone else and you have 15 minutes to complete the billing details. A timer may show indicating how many minutes are left. Please ensure you also click the box to accept the Data Privacy statement.

A box will show your progress as your payment is processed and then a new box will appear:

If you select “Me”, the same details you entered for the payment step will be entered and you must just select answers to the disclaimer questions:

A box will show to assign details for the second ticket if relevant. Please fill in the details as listed and click save to finalise the tickets. If you enter a different email address on the second ticket, the ticket will be sent to that person instead of to your address.

Please be sure the email addresses are entered correctly, as you will need the email received to access your ticket again.

It is possible on the Tito website to enter details at a later point, but please note that you will not be considered fully registered until we receive answers to all of the questions.

A final message will show the completed order:

If you need to change details for any reason, you can do that from the final screen shown above. You will also receive an email with your ticket, which will look like this:

Clicking on the “Change Details” button will allow you to edit the ticket details yourself. It is very important to keep this email as in the lead up to the event, we plan to collect the remaining participant details using Tito and the easiest way to access your ticket will be through this email. Please keep it somewhere accessible in your email account.

If you do not receive this email, please contact us at maamturks@ugmc.ie.

When tickets are close to selling out:

When all tickets are locked to those purchasing, the following message will show:

If a ticket sale is cancelled before payment or is not completed in the 15 minute time limit, they will be released once again for sale.

When all tickets are sold out:

A waiting list will kick in when all tickets have been sold out, please click the button to join the waiting list and enter the Name and relevant email address for the walker waiting to get a place in the Challenge. A message will show confirming you have been places on the waiting list. Please do not enter a name more than once on the waiting list if a confirmation message shows, as tickets will be released on a first come – first served basis.

On a final note, please remember that demand for tickets has increased a huge amount in the past few years. While the process to purchase a ticket may be stressful with this demand, we have decided this process is the fairest way we can sell tickets for the event. We have sought to simplify this process and hope that we have clearly outlined the steps you will need to follow on this page.

If you still have further questions on this registration process, please feel free to send us an email to maamturks@ugmc.ie.