Updated: 26/12/2018

This policy covers hows NUI Galway Mountaineering club handles participants data who are registered on the Maamturks Challenge.

NUI Galway Mountaineering club (here after refereed to as the club) is a registered organisation inside of the National University of Ireland – Galway, and managed by the Sport & Clubs unit. As a result data protection polices for the above two entities take precedence over any of the information below.

However, as of writing neither NUI Galway or the Sports & Clubs unit handle any participants data directly.

External Services

The following are external services that may process your data by your interactions with the event:

NameRoleData protection policy 
G-Suite * All email interactions with official club addresses  (example@nuigmc.com)  
* Specific information you give us for certain activities that may be stored on this platform.    
Stripe * Any payments made to the club Link
Ti.To* Registering for the challenge Link
Sum Up* Purchasing items from the club using our card reader Link
Google Analytics* Viewing our website Link

Internal Services

What does the club do with my data? 

The purpose of storing the above data is to:

  • Maintain accurate records to allow the event function correctly
  • Ensure the safety of all participants on the challenge.
  • Ensure interested members of the public are notified about the event.

We will request your permission if the above purposes reasonable undergo change.  This all conforms with GDPR.

Who has access to my data

You data is accessible by the following:

  • Members of the committee 
  • Webmasters of the club
  • Only in the event of an emergency: Members of rescues services.

Your data is not shared outside of the above. 

Data storage 

In all cases, your data is stored in safe and secure systems.  Personal data is kept for a one year period (Normally January to
January ), except in limited cases such as incident report forms which are kept as per external legal requirements.

You data is stored either in G-suite servers (Above) or by Blacknight hosting

Your rights

As per GDPR guidelines, you have the right to:

  • To any data inaccuracies be corrected
  • To have all information the club stores on your be erased
  • To not be subjected to direct marketing.
  • To receive all your information the club stores on you.

You can submit any request by emailing both  maamturks@nuigmc.com & webmaster@nuigmc.com

Data breaches 

As per GDPR guidelines you will be informed within 48 hours if your personal data has be breached.

Questions and comments. 

You are more then welcome to submit questions or comments on the above information by contacting us on 

Email: Webmaster@nuigmc.com

Written: Mountaineering club, Sports Office, Kingfisher Sports Unit, NUI Galway, Newcastle, Galway.