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Maamturks Challenge

First ran in 1975, the Maamturks Challenge has been a focal point of hillwalking in Ireland for over 45 years. Situated between the beautiful communities of Maam and Leenane, the nature of the event is considered unique both within and outside of Ireland.

Participants are required to complete a full transverse of the famous Maamturks mountain range, a notoriously barren and rock terrain. With ridges, cliffs and numerous valleys, participants of the walk are generally some of the most experienced hillwalkers Ireland has to offer. Despite the challenge of the event, it is rare to only ever participate once. Many participants are drawn back each year as an annual pilgrimage to meet with friends from around the country.


"Organised by students of NUI Galway mountaineering club for the benefit of the public and local community "


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The Maamturks Challenge has been a focal point of the Irish hillwalking community for over 45 years. Learn a bit about it's history by clicking below: