Further Indoor Climbing Training Scheme

Top Roper

Successfully pass the top rope assessment. 

Lead climber

Successfully pass the lead climb assessment. 


  • Resit your top rope assessment and successful pass with no red or blue fails
  • Have a minimum of six months climbing experience.
  • Demonstrate an ability to lead a group in a friendly manner.
  • Demonstrate maturity and an awareness of safety and risk with regards to climbing
  • Demonstrate an ability to teach in a positive and constructive manner.  


  • Teach a minimum of fifteen climbing lessons.
  • The Climbing Vice Captain must approve all new assessors.

Lead Climber Instructor/Assessor:

  • Resit your lead climb assessment and successful pass with no red or blue fails.
  • Have a minimum of 6 months climbing experience leading.
  • Have obtained the rank of top rope instructor.

Assessment sheets here:

Indoor Climbing Training Scheme

If you have any questions about the training scheme, drop us an email at committee@ugmc.ie

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Last modified: September 11, 2023